The mistakes’ corner

Robin Williams once said about his acting career, “…there is still a lot to learn and there is always great stuff out there. Even mistakes can be wonderful.” And I agree: mistakes can indeed be wonderful. What is more, the worst mistake ever is stopping making them. So I encourage you to be wrong and learn from it.

Why don’t you start right now? These sentences need to be corrected.

I’m writing this email to explain you (See explain)
I want you to meet me better (See Meet vs. Know)
We found a flat that it’s very nice
I’d like that you send me
I came back at home. (See Prepositions of Place)
I’ve been here since three years ago (See Since, For & Ago)
I already installed in my new flat
That city is so funny (See Fun vs. Funny)
I’ve my timetable full (See Have vs. Have got)
Actually, I’m living with my boyfriend. (See Actually vs. Nowadays)
We were searching for a flat when we met him.(See Search)
We’ve known a lot of people.(See Meet vs. Known)
She told me that you’ve started other degree.(See Other vs. Another)
There are concerts in weekends.(See Prepositions of Time)
Staying with my grandmother is really bored.(See -ED vs. -ING adjectives)
I’m feel a bit sad. (See Present Continuous)
I have to say her to stop. (See Say vs. Tell)
I lived in Barcelona my whole life but the last week I moved to London.(See Next vs. The next)
I haven’t so much time.(See Have vs. Have got)
I’m doing many differents activities. (See Adjectives)
Her husband died and now she feels alone.(See Alone vs. Lonely)
They stay a lot of time in front of the computer. (Stay vs. Be)
I called you but anybody answered. (any vs. no)
All this is so annoyed. (-ed vs –ing adjectives)
It depends of…
Parents should put the computer in the living room for to control (infinitive of purpose)
In December I left without electricity (passive voice)
The customers had cold
You have the same information that your partner (comparatives)
You not “apport” nothing new. (Oh my God!!!!)
They don’t attend the class (attend, pay attention)
I’m writting…
I’m writing to regard with I was left without electricity (letter of complaint)
I was without electricity during two weeks (for / during / while)
It’s easy go internet buy a clothe (How! Mi llamar Jerónimo)
If you want to contact with me
I will explain you
I use to book (usually vs. used to)
All the hosts… NOOOOO -> guests
I need you write me
The internet it’s a good thing
People who theft our personality
They are more shy
They don’t are working (present simple TO BE)
Listen music
On december (prepositions of time and capital letters)
They tell your parents about your problem. (Possessive adjectives)
Other situation (other vs. another)
The information aren’t true (Poh Pugh!!!)
Differents problems (adjectives)
Childrens (Poh Pugh!!!)
People is worried (Poh Pugh!!!)
I’m agree with you (Poh Pugh!!!)
They have 10 years or more (Poh Pugh!!!)